Admission Process

 1. From where can I get the school prospectus for LOTUS VEDA?
     You can get the school prospectus from the front office at our primary school campus which is located at  BU-01,Outer Ring Road Pitampura. 
2 . What classes are being offered currently? Next year, what happens to the highest class?
     For the academic year 2016-17, classes from Nursery till Class III are being offered. For the year 2017-18, classes from Nursery till Class IV will  be offered. Likewise, for the subsequent years, every year 1 class will be added. This is being done to maintain the academic standards of  the  school.
  3. How many new admissions will happen each year?
     We strictly maintain manageable class strength at LOTUS VEDA. Admissions are given to students as long as there is availability of seats for each of the classes.
 4. By when will LOTUS VEDA start offering Class 12?
      Because of our focus on ensuring the quality of education, we have planned to add only 1 class every year. Currently, we are offering classes from Nursery till Class III. Class XII will be offered in our school by 2025.
 5. What is the class strength at LOTUS VEDA ?
   The maximum class strength is limited to twenty five. For the academic year 2016-2017, it will be more favorable.
 6. How many sections are there for each class at LOTUS VEDA?
   We plan to have a total of 4 sections for each of the classes. The number of sections will also depend on the number of admissions that happen during the year. If the number of new admissions for a particular class is more than 30, we will start a new section for that particular class. 
 7. What are the documents required for getting admission?

The following are the documents to be submitted:

  • Completed application form
  • Progress report of the last class attended (For Class II and above)
  • Previous school record form
  • Two passport size photographs of the student
  • Two passport size photographs of the parent/ guardian
  • Proof of residence   
    Upon receiving the provisional letter of admission:
         Copy of the birth certificate
    •    Transfer certificate from the previous school, if applicable
    •    Medical history information
    8. Are scholarships being offered to any of the students by LOTUS VEDA?
    LOTUS VEDA strongly values merit. In our endeavour to ensure that the meritorious students are rewarded adequately, we plan to conduct competitions in the fields of academics, arts and crafts, extra-curricular activities and sports; where we will select meritorious candidates and offer scholarships for their education at LOTUS VEDA.
    9. Does LOTUS VEDA have mid-term admissions?
    Yes. However, it depends on the availability of seats.
    10. Are day boarding facilities available at LOTUS VEDA?
    No. This facility is available in our primary wing only.
    11. Does LOTUS VEDA accept any donation?
    No. We follow a strict “no-donation” policy.
    12. Are students from boards other than CBSE granted admission at LOTUS VEDA?
    At LOTUS VEDA, we welcome students from all regions and Boards across India. We strictly follow CBSE guidelines while granting admissions to children.
    13. How do I get the uniform, books and stationery for my child?
    The uniform, books, stationery and student kit are made available before the start of new academic session. They are available at the school campus.