Our Methodology


Key Features:

1. Our Curriculum focuses on all-round development of your child’s abilities, we work differently from the way we have been doing things for so many years. You will see several changes not just in what your child is learning, but also in how he/she is working in school. Our classroom comprises various activities, which will help children learn by analyzing and reflecting on their own experiences. In this way, the curriculum focuses on developing your child’s creativity and original thinking power.

2. Our focus in Lotus Veda is to make your child an independent, confident learner; therefore more attention is given to free thinking, understanding and actual learning and less to memorization and copying. Original writing is a more essential skill than the ability to duplicate anything already written by someone else. In Lotus Veda, children are encouraged to think and write in their own words instead of copying from a book or the blackboard. Writing is also a more difficult skill, and therefore, you will find lesser emphasis on the quantity of writing in notebooks. It is for this reason also that we do not recommend a tutor for the children outside school, as we do not believe in rote learning, learning without questioning or writing without understanding.