Co-Curricular Activities

Free play

Free play, are open ended activities that build on children’s interest to provoke them to stimulate their imaginations and ideas. A wide range of activities planned by curricular activity teachers and occupational therapists, are provided during free play.Children will get sand, clay, water play, singing, dance, large and small construction, fine motor activities, puzzles, gardening, role-play, painting etc to work on a holistic mind and body development.

Story time

Story time includes songs, poems and rhymes, using puppets and props, big books and book/story bags. We also use the story square technique where children have an active role in telling the story and retell their own stories and experiences.

Phineps and ferb club

Krims Lotus Veda brings to you one of the most innovative club that encourages fun as well as learning simultaneously; through the after school, weekend and vacation programmes. Each programmes is designed to give your child an exposure to all aspects of the world. Age groups are from 2 to 10 years.